Lending Solutions

As an exclusive client of the Bank of the Pacific you benefit from preferred lending1 rates and fees.


These benefits include:

Overdraft Protection (Ready Reserve)

You may receive a preferred line of overdraft protection on the Private Premier or Dream Checking.


Private Line of Credit

As a client of Private Client Services you may receive an unsecured line of credit with preferred pricing.


Platinum Preferred Visa Card
Private Clients have access to an exclusive Visa card with preferred rates, travel rewards, insurance and concierge services.


Personal Loans

As a client of Private Client Services all of your personal loans are made at reduced interest rates and fees.


Commercial Loans

Your personal benefits are expanded to your business pursuits through competitive, fixed or variable rate commercial loans.


Home Equity Line of Credit

Financial flexibility is accessed by a client of Private Client Services with a Home Equity Line of Credit with no set up fee, no annual fee and a preferred interest rate.


Real Estate Loans

As a client of Private Client Services you will receive a benefit towards a purchase or refinance of your primary residence.


1 All loans are subject to credit approval. Certain fees and restrictions may apply.

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