Time Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

  • $500 minimum opening deposit
  • Terms from one (1) month to five (5) years
  • Automatically renewable at maturity
  • 10 day grace period
  • Interest compounded daily
  • Interest will be credited:
    At maturity if your account has an original maturity of 30 to 179 days
    Every quarter if your account has a maturity of 180 days or more
  • A penalty may be imposed for withdrawals before maturity


The Bear at The Bank ~ Children's Add-On CD

  • Ages: 1 day through 12 years old
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $100
  • 12 Month Term
  • Automatic Renewal
  • Bear Coin Bank for opening account
  • Pick a gift from Mr. Bank's Treasure Chest for deposits of $50 or more
  • There may be a penalty for early withdrawal


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Visit a branch location nearest you for more information and additional disclosures that may affect your account.


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