Business Bill Pay - An Innovative Solution

Business Bill Pay


Business Bill Pay is the online bill pay solution that’s designed specifically for small businesses, because it can be customized to meet your needs and is integrated within your online banking login for ease of use.


Business Bill Pay is an online tool for small businesses to easily and efficiently pay bills.

This convenient service provides our business online banking users the ability to:

● Set up an online billing account(s).

● Set up additional users and control their entitlements.

● Set dual account signature requirements to keep payments from processing without the proper approvals.

● Delegate payment tasks as needed.

● Attach Invoices to payments.

● Have the flexibility to schedule payments at the users convenience.

● Set up recurring payments.

● Set up payment categories to keep track of the types of bills being paid.

● Make payments electronically for any bill, any company, or any person whether they receive a paper bill or an electronic bill.


To enroll in Business Bill Pay, login to Online Banking and select Business Bill Pay in the left hand selection menu.  If the Business Bill Pay link is not available please send a request to To explore Business Bill Pay, click here to view a video or take a test drive.