Business lines of credit...

are beneficial for a variety of ongoing or short-term financing needs, such as improving cash flow, taking advantage of trade discounts, acquiring seasonal working capital, purchasing inventory, materials, or equipment, and financing accounts receivable.


  • Revolving access to cash, whenever you need it, up to a specified amount
  • Save money because you pay no interest until you draw on the line
  • The line can be secured or unsecured, with multiple repayment options, and a variable interest rate


For personal assistance please contact one of our Commercial Banking Centers:

  • Northwest WA (Skagit, Whatcom Counties and surrounding area) 
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  • Twin Harbors Area (Grays Harbor County and surrounding area) 
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  • Southwest WA & Northwest OR (Pacific, Wahkiakum Counties WA and Clatsop County, Oregon)
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