Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: What accounts are available for eStatements?

A: Once you enable eStatements within online banking you will have access to electronic statements on all checking and savings accounts which you currently have access to view through online banking.


2. Q: How can I add another account to my eStatements?

A: Please contact your branch of account to request your account be added to online banking or send a secure message through online banking to make the request.


3. Q: Why is my secondary account not listed?

A: Your accounts may have been combined for mailing purposes. Select your primary checking account to see if your other accounts are included in this statement.


4. Q: Can I request my statements no longer be combined or linked together?

A: Yes, your branch of account can separate your statements if that is your preference. Please make your request by contacting your branch of account either in person or by phone.


5. Q: Can I still receive a physical statement on my account?

A: No, once eStatements is enabled your account statements will no longer be printed and mailed to you.


6. Q: How do I change my email address where my monthly statement notifications are sent?

A: Your email address can be updated within online banking under Preferences / User / Online Profile.


7. Q: What if my email address is no longer current?

A: If your monthly statement notification is returned "undeliverable" to the bank, we will attempt to contact you to update your email address. If we cannot obtain a new email address, we will disable eStatements and mail you paper statements.


8. Q: I no longer want eStatements. How do I change back to paper statements?

A: You may withdraw your consent to receive eStatements at any time by one of the following methods:

  • Contact your branch of account
  • Send written notification to PO Box 1826, Aberdeen, WA 98520
  • Email
  • or send a secure message through online banking.

Please allow ten (10) days for processing your request.


9. Q: Will I be able to view my statements within online banking without enabling eStatements?

A: Unfortunately no, by opting out of electronic statements you will not have the ability to view past statements through online banking. You will receive a paper statement mailed to you each month via US Mail.


10. Q: Can I request a paper statement?

A: Yes, you may request a paper copy of any account statement by contacting your branch of account either in person or by phone.


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