Charitable Contributions

Bank of the Pacific has a strong tradition of supporting community needs throughout our service areas. We believe that “best fit” opportunities are those that reach a broad spectrum of residents in our regions with special considerations made for the following activities:


Bank of the Pacific will not make contributions to:

        • Individuals
        • The promotion of religious beliefs
        • Political campaigns and candidates
        • For-profit organizations


Organizations that wish to apply for a donation or support in excess of $1000 should submit a completed Charitable Contribution Application, along with a copy of the organization’s current expense statement and budget, list of Board of Directors and most current Annual Report.


Contribution requests are reviewed monthly. To allow adequate time for consideration, requests should be received by The Bank at least six weeks prior to the actual need for funding. If the request is over $5,000.00, please allow at least two months.


Click here to print an Application for Charitable Contributions.