Valuable Resources

  • ABA - American Bankers Association (Fraud Info, Consumer Education, Articles)


  • ATG - Washington State Attorney General (Consumer Protection Programs, Internet Safety for Kids, Protecting Seniors, Fraud Fighters)


  • BBB - Better Business Bureau – (Consumer Tips, Check a Business or Charity, File a Complaint)



  • DOJ - Department of Justice (Fraud Information)


  • DOL - Department of Licensing (Identity Theft FAQs)



  • FBI - Federal Bureau Of Investigation (New Scams and Warnings, How To Protect Yourself, Parent's Guide To Internet Safety)


  • FTC - Federal Trade Commission (Consumer and Business Information, Info on Current/New Scams, Consumer Tips, Stop SPAM, Telemarketers, Affadavit in case you are a victim, National Do Not Call Registry)


  • NFIC - National Fraud Information Center (Telemarketing and Internet Fraud, Elder Fraud)


  • WSBA - Washington State Bar Association (Types of Fraud, Find Legal Help)


  • WSP - Washington State Patrol (FAQs, Identity Theft Unit)

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