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News - Personal Financial News, Tips, and Information.


Chief Executive Officer Economic Newsletter: This newsletter presents information on the current economic landscape. The newsletter is written by Dennis A. Long, President and CEO, Pacific Financial Corporation (Bank of the Pacific's holding company), in which he shares economic indicators and how they could affect local markets. Click here to read this month's issue. If you would like to see past issues, click here.


Residential Real Estate Learning Center: Buying a home or constructing a new house can be a complex process. A key part of the process is financing your new home. In our Real Estate section we share valuable information to help guide the financing process of buying, or building a house. This guide can help reduce the stress of making your next house your home. Our Residential Real Estate website offers a Learning Center with a helpful Mortgage Glossary, information on How to Get a Loan, Types of Loans, and Home Purchase Basics. Our mortgage calculators are also a helpful tool to help you determine how much house you can afford.