Bank of the Pacific now offers ID Restoration services through the Deluxe Provent service. Please ask your local Branch representative for detail regarding this valuable service.

Provent Protection

Home Depot Breach -

On Sept. 2, 2014, we were notified that Home Depot alerted MasterCard, Visa, and law enforcement of a possible data breach, and an investigation was initiated. At this time, details and specific compromised card information has not been released. As soon as we have more information we will notify any affected cardholders. As always, please monitor your account and notify us if you see any transactions that you believe you did not initiate or authorize. 


Windows Notice - Microsoft will discontinue extended support for XP effective April 8, 2014. After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide regular security patches, technical assistance, or support for XP. Use of XP after this date, could expose your computer(s) to increased operational risk. Click here for additional information



 Important Information For Visa Credit Card Customers -

We now have 24 hour live service phone numbers for customers having any issues with their Visa Credit Card being declined or rejected.

 Inside the US: 800-423-7503

 Outside the US: call collect; 727-227-2447; no charge to the customer!

 The customer service representative will confirm the transaction in question, reset the account and you should be able to run the transaction again with no problem.


 E-Statements are the convenient way to go!  

For security reasons, access to E-Statements will only be available through the bank's Online Banking system.  Click here for a list of E-Statement FAQ's.


 Mobile Banking User Guide -

Click here to view our Mobile Banking User Guide for iPhone and Android


Click here to view our Mobile Banking User Guide - Other Smart Phone and Non-Smart Phone



Overdraft Privilege Information -

If you have not already opted in and want Overdraft Privilege to continue to apply to your ATM and everyday debit card transactions, you can contact us by:

Calling Account Services at 1.888.855.8267 ext. 1274 or 360.537.4082


Online Banking Login -

If you are having difficulty logging in to online banking using Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 browsers, please click here to contact our Online Banking Department for assistance.