Business Savings & CDs

We offer business savings and investment products to help you secure a rewarding future. These savings vehicles are business friendly to suit your particular business needs.


Savings ~

Our business savings account is a steppingstone to help grow your business.


● $100.00 minimum opening deposit
● $250.00 minimum daily balance to obtain disclosed
annual percentage yield
● Interest compounded daily and credited quarterly
● $3.00 quarterly service charge balance requirement fee if daily balance falls below $250.00
● $1.00 excess tran fee for each withdrawal in excess of nine per
calendar quarter


Money Market ~

The Business Money Market is a tier based investment account with the interest level based on the balance maintained in the account. The Money Market may be opened by any business including corporations.


● $100.00 minimum opening deposit
● Interest compounded daily and credited monthly
● $12.50 monthly service charge balance requirement fee if daily balance drops below $2,500.00.
● Limited to 6 debits per transaction cycle
● Unlimited in-bank transfers between accounts
● $10.00 Excess tran fee


Certificates of Deposit (CDs) ~

With a minimum of $500.00 to open, Certificates of Deposit are a convenient, safe way to save. We offer terms from one (1) month to five (5) years. CDs are automatically renewable at maturity. Our CDs can also be used as security for a business loan. All accounts are FDIC insured up to the maximum limit.


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The newsletter provides a basic narrative overview of recently published economic indicators for your reading pleasure. You should not rely on this information when making investment decisions, but rather seek professional advice from qualified investment brokers.