Marc Sheehan

VP, Treasury Management

Marc began his banking career over 20 years ago after graduating from Oregon State University.  Since earning his CTP credentials in 1999 Marc has led a successful career as a Treasury Management Consultant.  He enjoys working with businesses to provide the necessary banking solutions to meet their cash management needs.  Marc is located in Beaverton and partners with the Bank’s commercial lending teams from Portland, Vancouver, Salem, and Eugene.  Please reach out to Marc if you would like to know more about Bank of the Pacific’s Treasury Management Services.

Here are some of the services I can help you with:


ACH origination services include the following: 

  • Direct Deposit of Payroll
  • Pre-Authorized Debits
  • Corporate Payments
  • Cash Concentration
  • Federal & State Tax Payments (EFTPS)
  • Same Day ACH

Positive Pay – Fraud Protection 

Check Positive Pay -

The Positive Pay Service can be used to identify fraudulent checks attempting to clear an account. With this service clients submit issued check data to us through Online Business Banking. We compare the checks presented for payment to the information provided about the checks issued. When a check is presented that is not included in or does not match the issued check information, we electronically notify the client and they make a pay or return decision via Business Online Banking by a designated time. 

ACH Positive Pay - 

The ACH Positive Pay service can be used to identify fraudulent ACH transactions attempting to clear an account. With this service a client can either block all ACH Transactions or provide a list of authorized ACH Companies. The Bank compares the ACH transactions for payment to the information the client has provided about the ACH transaction they have authorized. When an ACH is presented that is not included in or does not match the authorized companies, the client will receive an electronic notification and must make a pay or return decision via Business Online Banking by a designated time.

Remote Capture

Remote Check Deposit (RCD) - allows Bank of the Pacific's business clients to use a desktop scanner to capture images of checks and transmit a check image file (along with a virtual deposit ticket) to the bank for deposit to their account.


Zero Balance Sweep creates an effective method for eliminating manual transfers and pooling available funds in a single concentration account. 

Target Balance Sweep - When your checking account reaches an established target collected balance, the excess funds are automatically swept on a daily basis out of your checking account to a designated account.

Automated Loan Sweep - Minimize unnecessary borrowings, overdraft, or uncollected funds usage with Bank of the Pacific's automated Loan Sweep.  Our sweep initiates transfers between your line of credit and checking account based on the ending collected balance in your checking account.

Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) – Maintains liquidity of working capital while providing 100% FDIC coverage for funds held within Insured Cash Sweep portfolio.

Lockbox Services

Customized remittance service designed to speed up and simplify your check payment processing.

Merchant Card Processing

A wide range of payment solutions and payment-integrated software that allow your business to process card transactions in-store, online and on-the-go.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Bank of the Pacific offers an automated delivery of EDI notices with addenda information to assist you in posting electronic transactions to your software. We can provide the EDI notice in a computer text format for uploading to your computer system, a human readable summary report or a human readable detail report. We will assist you in determining which report will best suit your company’s needs.

Wire Transfers 

Allows users to transfer funds between accounts at different financial institutions using Fedwire format. Bank of the Pacific offers electronic notification of all incoming and outgoing wires.