Vancouver Commercial Banking Center

You've reached the contact page for our Vancouver and Portland area Commercial Banking Center!

Please let me know how we can help you by using the Contact form below.  I'll connect you to an experienced Lender near your location who will respond quickly to discuss your borrowing needs in detail. Thanks! - Lesa Goff,  VP Regional Business Development Officer
Bank of the Pacific is home to a highly qualified team of Commercial Lenders who service the greater Vancouver and Portland markets as well as Salem and Eugene, OR.  You'll feel confident that we can handle your commercial financing needs such as Professional Office borrowing needs, Credit Lines,  Equipment, Inventory, Commercial Real Estate and SBA Guarantee programs.  
There is also a Residential Real Estate Lender on site to assist with Mortgage and Mortgage refinance inquiries. We are local lenders that want to help you with your financing needs.

Please note: There are no Retail services (check cashing) or cash on premises. 

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