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Our passion for outdoor recreation inspires all of our products, outdoor adventure accessories and travel bags. We love the outdoor world. All LUSB products are Made in the USA using US Sourced  fabrics and materials when possible.

But, recreational items are not the only thing we do...We manufacture Heavy Lift Rated Bags starting at 100 Pound Lift Rating  ranging up to 500 Pound Lift Rating. We design, test, and build all of our safety lift-rated products in the USA.  LUSB offers a wide range of safe-lifting and industrial bag products that protect assets and personnel in the field.

Finally, we are proud to be producing as both a subcontractor and OEM for PPE products in response to COVID-19.  We are producing:

- Low cost face shields

- Secondary and non-critical personnel protective masks

- Reusable shoe covers

- Shields and barriers for intake environments

IF you are a company looking for assistance in sewing and assembly manufacturing, please contact Will Macia at 360 993 - 2247

IF you are a medical institution (hospital, care home, etc) looking for product, please contact Michelle Schwilke at 360 993 - 2247 x201

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