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EMV - Chip Cards

What is EMV?

EMV stands for EuroPay, Mastercard®, Visa®. EMV combines a plastic card with integrated circuit chip (ICC) technology, which is used to hold the account number and other sensitive data instead of using a magnetic stripe. Chip cards are payment (Credit or Debit) cards which have an embedded chip that offers advanced security when you use these cards to pay in store or at an ATM. The chip technology makes it extremely difficult for fraudsters to counterfeit or copy the card and then use in store or at an ATM.

When will I get a new EMV Card? 
Prior to your current card expiration, we will send you a replacement Chip Card. You will be covered by all the current Federal consumer regulatory protections provided by law before, during and after this transition occurs.

rsg-emv-terminalHow do I use my EMV Card?

 1) Follow the terminal prompts throughout the transaction.  (If you swipe your chip card, the terminal will direct you to insert it instead.
2) Insert Card with chip toward terminal. Do not remove until prompted.
3)  Verify your transaction by signing or entering your PIN. Some transactions may not require either.
4)  When the terminal says the transaction is complete, remove your card. 

Q: How do I know if I have a chip card?emv-101-webinar-sidebar

A: If you have a chip card, the chip is located on the front of the card. You will still have a magnetic stripe on the back so that you can use it at merchants who don’t accept chip cards yet.

Q:  Why is there a shift to EMV cards?

A:  The chip in EMV cards provides enhanced security that makes it extremely difficult for fraudsters to counterfeit or copy the card.  A one-time code is generated for each transaction, and your purchase can only be approved with this chip-generated code. If the card data and the one-time code are stolen, the information cannot be used to create counterfeit cards and commit fraud. You benefit from the advanced security of an embedded chip when you use your chip card to pay in the store of when you use an ATM.

Q: Are there any additional fees associated with my chip debit card?

A: There are no additional fees associated with your Visa debit chip card, unless you request a replacement card. In this situation, you may be assessed a replacement card fee of $7.50.

Debit_CardDebit/ATM Card Tips

We're dedicated to helping you be safe.


Using your Debit/ATM Card in Foreign Countries

Are you leaving the United States or traveling to a city within the U.S. that you haven't visited before?  If so, please notify us ahead of time.  Due to high ATM/Debit card fraud, we have blocked transactions occurring in foreign countries and some U.S. cities to protect your account. You can still use your card when traveling; just let us know ahead of time by either calling your local branch or call 888.855.8267. Those customers using our Online Banking service may login and submit a travel checklist form located under "Services". The safety of your account is our utmost concern.

We may be calling you to protect your account. We monitor your ATM and Debit card transaction for potentially fraudulent activity, which may include sudden changes in locale (such as when a U.S.-issued card is used unexpectedly outside of the United States), a sudden string of costly purchases, or any pattern associated with new fraud trends around the world.

If we suspect fraudulent ATM or Debit card use, we will call you to validate the legitimacy of your transactions. Your participation in responding to our call is critical to prevent potential risk and avoid restrictions we may place on your card.

Our bank staff WILL ASK YOU to verify recent transaction activity on your card. We WILL NOT ASK you for your card number, the CVV code on the back of your card, your account number or social security number.

Our goal is to minimize your exposure to risk and the impact of any fraud. To ensure we can continue to reach you whenever potential frauds is detected, please keep us informed of your correct phone number, mobile number, e-mail and mailing address at all times.

We’re here to help protect your account. You can help by being diligent in monitoring transaction activity on your account and by contacting us immediately at 888.855.8267 if you identify any fraudulent transactions.

When using your Debit/ATM card there are a few key items to keep in mind to protect yourself personally and your financial resources. Please review and consider the following:

1. Unless absolutely required for a legitimate business purpose, avoid giving out your:

  • Address, Zip Code & Phone Number
  • Date of birth & Social security number
  • Card or account number
  • Card expiration date
Your PIN is private, NEVER give it out.

 2. When using your card cover it and your PIN, and watch for:

  • Cell phone cameras, mirrors, or other tools used to view cards and PINs
  • People watching your transactions
  • Cashiers taking your card out of sight; take it to the register yourself
  • Any unusual activity at ATMs; if you feel uncomfortable go to another ATM

3. Inspect any ATM for evidence of tampering before inserting your card, and when traveling use an ATM at a financial institution or a get cash advance on your debit card inside a financial institution.

4. Online, you should never respond to unsolicited emails that:

  • Ask you to verify your card or account number
  • Link to websites; such sites can look legitimate but may collect data or put spyware on your computer

5. Keep your computer’s virus protection up to date. Use spyware and malware detection. Update your computer frequently with recommended security patches.

If you have lost or had your Visa Check or Credit Card stolen please call one of the following numbers.

Visa CheckCard             1-888-616-5678 or 1-800-500-1044
Credit Card                   1-800-325-3678