Consumer Alert! New IRS Reporting Proposal

A recent proposal in Washington would require banks to report to the IRS on the inflows (deposits) and outflows (withdrawals) of personal and business accounts. Under the proposal, Bank of the Pacific would be required by the government to report your account information to the IRS.  Your privacy is our utmost concern and we want you to know about this potential change proposed by Washington policymakers.  
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A Brief Guide to Ransomware

Because we live in an increasingly digital world, the number of cyberattacks are growing every year, and ransomware is quickly becoming cybercriminals’ favorite attack strategy.  A successful ransomware attack can cost your business thousands, if not millions, in downtime and payments. Learn more about Ransomware and ways to protect your business by reading the full article. 
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Everything A Business Needs To Know About Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is one of those things you never think would happen to you, but it’s much more common than you might think.

The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to have a thorough understanding of wire fraud, how the actors operate, and the common warning signs.

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