Don't Get Caught Out In The Cold

Olympia Office viewProtect your home or building, equipment and technology.

  • Be sure your insurance coverage is up to date and will cover winter storm damage,

  • Conduct building and equipment inspections to be sure measures are taken to protect them from extreme conditions.

  • Be sure computer back up procedures are in place and conducted on a routine basis.Have a plan for alternative procedures should computer systems become unavailable.

Ready your power supply.

  • Consider a back-up power supply for your key buildings and battery back- up for key computer systems.

Create a communication plan.

Gather employee contact numbers and develop a plan for communications in the event of a business shutdown or emergency.

Create evacuation and shelter-in-place plans.

Is your business set up to act as a shelter if the need arises?

Stock disaster kits and go-bags.

Stock a disaster kit both at home and at work. Be sure to include pet food and pet medications if necessary.Download a FEMA Emergency Supply Checklist to help you gather the needed items.

Protect the health and safety of family members and employees.

  • Make hand sanitizer readily available

  • Keep a well-stocked First Aid Kit

  • Buildings should have working fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and sprinkler systems if necessary.Create evacuation plans and hold meetings with family and employees to go over your emergency preparedness plans.