New Skimming Scam!

gas-pumpScam AlertThe Bank has been informed that multiple skimming devices have been placed inside of fuel pumps at fuel stations in our footprint. The skimming devices are not visible from the outside of the pumps and the individuals placing the skimming devices have gone undetected due to security shortfalls. Just a short time ago a skimming device was detected and removed by law enforcement. Until stronger security is placed on the fuel pumps, this will continue occurring and we will continue seeing the effects in the form of debit card fraud.

gas station pump

Here are some tips to assist you when using card readers at Fuel stations:

  • To place a skimming device inside of a fuel pump, fraudsters must open the fuel dispenser door to insert the device. Fuel station employees may place serial-numbered security tape across the dispenser door to show that it has not been tampered with. If this tape is missing or broken, we would suggest not using your card.

  • Look inside of the card reader to see if anything is hidden inside.

  • Wiggle the card reader to see if it is loose. If it is loose, be cautious about using your card.

  • Be cautious if you have a hard time inserting your card.

  • Consider other forms of payment. You can always pay inside with cash or your debit/credit card.

Always be aware of your surroundings when using your card. Cover or shield the key pad to avoid "shoulder surfing" and report anything that looks out of place to the merchant.