Kirk Hunter

Senior Mortgage Loan Originator


It's quick and easy to shop and compare.

Before you decide on a lender, compare the mortgage rates I can offer to those of any local competing Lender*.  Just fill out the contact form and I'll be happy to provide you rate and program information.

Kirk entered the mortgage industry in 1994 eager to help everyone fulfill the American Dream of home ownership. Prior to finding a passion to work in mortgages Kirk spent 22 year in customer service repair for a major department store. That dedication to service and customer satisfaction carried over and is still a driving force to work hard for his clients and partners in the mortgage industry. Even after 21 plus years of doing every type and size of mortgage loans he treats each loan from the smallest to the largest exactly the same, with attention to detail, product and guideline knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Many of his referral partners with tell you, “If Kirk can’t get it done, It can’t be done.”

* Specific rates are quoted based on a borrower’s qualifying criteria, credit score, equity, property type, and any applicable state-specific requirements. Rates and terms for mortgage loans vary.  All loans subject to credit approval.

Use the contact sheet at left to let me know you are ready to discuss your home buying options.  There is no fee for consultation and you'll be a better informed and prepared Borrower!