Royal Prendergast

Mortgage Loan Coordinator

It's quick and easy to shop and compare.

Before you decide on a lender, compare the mortgage rates I can offer to those of any local competing Lender*.  Just fill out the contact form and I'll be happy to provide you rate and program information.

Royal has long time roots in Whatcom County. Caring deeply for the type of life experience Whatcom County offers makes it easy for him to be committed to the community and a make it a priority to give back.  Royal offers us over 6 years of customer service experience from retail sales, insurance, and even as a volunteer youth basketball coach thru out that time period, all of which requires communication and patience. According to Royal, basketball and lending have a lot in common. It takes a team, communication, dedication, and a never-give-up attitude to be successful and these are the values Royal looks to provide to each and every one of his customers.  

Customer Testimonials-

"Throughout the whole experience Royal was communicative and responsive, a huge asset when home buying when we need responses ASAP. He worked with us to get the best rate for us in a crazy market, and was one of the few stable pieces of the process of getting the mortgage. We went through a couple people before finding Royal and he simplified everything for us, and allowed us to get the home we had been searching for  months!"  ~Jesse Hawkins

"Throughout the entire loan process Royal was forthcoming, thorough and detailed.  From start to finish he made sure that all the small details were taken care of.  This was not our first home purchase so we had previous experiences to draw from and can honestly say that our experience with Royal was top notch.  We will recommend Royal to any of our friends and colleagues who are in need of an experienced loan officer." ~ Collin Fuller

“Working with Royal was an absolute pleasure.  Always willing to talk on the phone and give good concise information” ~ Darren


* Specific rates are quoted based on a borrower’s qualifying criteria, credit score, equity, property type, and any applicable state-specific requirements. Rates and terms for mortgage loans vary.  All loans subject to credit approval.

Use the contact sheet at left to let me know you are ready to discuss your home buying options.  There is no fee for consultation and you'll be a better informed and prepared Borrower!