Department:  Residential Real Estate     

Reports to:    Residential Real Estate Manager

FLSA Status:  Hourly/Non-Exempt with Commission     

Grade:  Salary grade based upon an applicant’s experience at hiring and allows for progression within the position. The grade of the position for each branch is determined by office portfolio size and employee skills/experience. Contact the Human Resources Director.


Statement of Hire:

At Bank of the Pacific, we are committed to delivering memorable service beyond the customer’s expectation, to include both external and internal customers. We consistently demonstrate our values through teamwork, open communication, integrity, honesty and respect for others. Additionally, we will maintain a professional appearance through dress, conduct and an orderly work area.

A successful candidate will possess these qualities and be enthusiastic, professional and of high ethics.

They will embrace our Mission, Vision and Values and actively contribute to our success.

Job summary:  The Mortgage Loan Originator is expected to originate quality loans that meet Bank and secondary market requirements of investors, VA, FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  It is expected that the Mortgage Loan Originator becomes familiar with all underwriting requirements for all of the above.  The Mortgage Loan Originator will do this by building relationships with the business community, the real estate community, as well as bank customers and staff.

Principal Responsibilities:  The Mortgage Loan Originator is expected to take completed loan applications and request all documentation from the customer that will be required to process and approve the loan.  The Mortgage Loan Originator is expected to monitor the processing of the loan application and keep the customer informed of the processing of their application.  The Mortgage Loan Originator is not expected to process the loan application but is expected to assist the processor as needed with customer contact and obtaining any documentation as may be required to provide a complete loan application for underwriting.


All employees are accountable for compliance with all laws, regulations and adherence to established internal controls and procedures when performing their job duties.  Each employee is expected to be familiar with the legal and regulatory requirements and internal controls affecting his or her job responsibilities.  It is the affirmative duty of each employee to carry out these responsibilities at all times in a manner that complies with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and internal controls.   All employees shall be responsible for communicating upward, problems in operations, noncompliance with the code of conduct, or other policy violations or illegal actions.  Employees must participate in required training on pertinent compliance laws and regulations as required by the Bank of the Pacific.

All employees will be committed to maintaining a high level of compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti Money Laundering, USA PATRIOT Act and Financial Recordkeeping regulations recognizing that all three acts are important tools in federal efforts to combat organized crime, terrorism and drug trafficking.

Education / Experience:

  1. High School diploma or equivalent
  2. One year on the job  
  3. Service-Plus Certified
  4. Understanding of the bank policies and procedures
  5. Sales/Service Experience

Skills / Knowledge / AbilitiesThe Mortgage Loan Originator must be extremely focused on good customer service and should have good presentation skills. The Mortgage Loan Originator must also have technical computer skills that will assist with their ability to approve and process loans onto the secondary market.  The Mortgage Loan Originator must also have good research skills to stay ahead of an ever changing secondary market. The Mortgage Loan Originator must have the patience and the ability to treat all of the people around them as their customers.  

Working Conditions / Environment / Potential Hazards:

  • General office environment
  • May be necessary to work extended hours
  • Periodic Travel required

Physical Requirements:  

  • Able to sit or stand for an extended period of time
  • Able to lift up to 25 lbs.


To apply for this position please submit your resume' and cover letter to Please reference the position title and location in your subject line.