Your mobile phone is now your mobile wallet!

Make safe and simple mobile payments - almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your consumer VISA card. When we partner with Android PayTM, Apple PayTM and Samsung Pay, you gain convenience and security.

Set up is easy!

To add your Bank of the Pacific consumer debit and credit cards to your phone's mobile wallet, just locate the appropriate app (AndroidTM, AppleTM or Samsung Pay) on your phone, and follow the instructions for adding your card to the app.

Once we verify your card, you are all set to use your mobile wallet!  As always, we are here to help if you need assistance.

Security is built-in

When you use a mobile wallet, your card number is replaced by a unique code (or "token") for each transaction. Your actual debit or credit card numbers are never shared with merchant.

Paying is a Breeze

To make a purchase using a card located in your mobile wallet, just unlock your phone, open your mobile wallet, and hold your phone to the reader at any participating retailer. Easy!

Android PayTM


Apple PayTM


Samsung Pay


A mobile wallet is still a wallet!  Security is important -

Potential mobile wallet risks include:
Phone theft.

Most people have come to think of their smartphones as a physical extension of themselves, but they still can be misplaced or stolen. If the mobile wallet application with a customer's card details is not properly secured, preferably with two-factor authentication, losing a phone is pretty much the same as losing your credit or debit cards themselves.  You are encouraged to use the available embedded security within the mobile wallets as well as within the smartphone itself.  Protect your phone and wallet passcodes, and beware of "shoulder surfers" just as you would at an ATM.

Wallet spoofing.

Within the mobile wallet application, credit or debit card numbers are securely encrypted. They are masked by a code created by an algorithm, which creates a "token" that contains the card details. In this way, mobile transactions themselves are very secure. But, if mobile users add cards to their account while they are on an unsecured public wireless network or one that has been infiltrated, a cyber-thief can easily enough re-create or "spoof" that mobile wallet's registration and create their own phony account with legitimate payment information. We recommend you only load your cards into your mobile wallet while on your own secured, home Wi-Fi network or a virtual private network.

Mobile malware.

Just as cyber-criminals use malware to infiltrate computer networks, so too are they increasingly creating malware that propagates on mobile devices and allows them to steal information. We recommend you use the same cautionary steps with links as you would when using your PC and be wary of unsecured sites.