Branch Manager

Department:         Retail Banking

Reports to:          Regional Retail Manager


FLSA Status: Exempt

Grade: The grade of the position for each branch is determined by branch size and employee skills/experience. Contact the Human Resources Director


Statement of Hire:

At the Bank of the Pacific, we are committed to delivering memorable service beyond the customer’s expectation, to include both external and internal customers. We consistently demonstrate our values through teamwork, open communication, integrity, honesty and respect for others. Additionally, we will maintain a professional appearance through dress, conduct and an orderly work area. A successful candidate will possess these qualities and be enthusiastic, professional and of high ethics. They will embrace our Mission, Vision and Values and actively contribute to our success.

Job summary: Hires, coaches, and develops staff to meet goals of the branch. Plans, implements, and monitors activities of the branch in accordance with established bank policies and procedures with delegation to others as necessary, and so as to provide growth and development of staff.

Participate in and plan sales development activities. Responsible for promoting and selling bank products and services, directly or through others, to meet the needs of existing and prospective customers. Responsible for operational safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance of the branch. Ensure satisfactory credit quality for debt portfolios of the branch (if any) and acceptable risk in paying and receiving operations.


Principal Responsibilities:


a) Branch managers are responsible for branch achievement of balance sheet and income

statement objectives, as commonly expressed as sales, expense control, credit risk, and operational standards and goals. Responsibilities as pertains to each of these are further described below.

b) While a manager may directly contribute to any or all of these, more commonly, some to all of

these results are in fact realized by the direct contributions of others in the branch. This is particularly important for higher volume offices and those with growth opportunity.

c) In addition to direct contribution, a manager’s role is in planning, implementing, and monitoring

activities of a branch to achieve desired results, and doing so in the context of a team of contributors. Important in such manager activities is hiring, coaching and developing, and promoting staff, or taking corrective action as necessary.

Key staff development responsibilities include:

i. Developing and maintaining a pipeline of prospective talent.

ii. Identifying the abilities and aptitudes of staff and employing each member so as to enable her or him to make the greatest contribution to the team possible.

iii. Cause the development of objective goals for each team member, explaining how each contributes to the branch effort, and then measuring performance with frequent feedback and reward.

iv. Manage employee performance appraisal process and salary administration to ensure reviews are timely, fair, and consistent.

v. Provide opportunities for training and development based on the needs of the bank, and the needs of employees. Training may be of many forms including the manager sharing the manager’s product specialty (such as lending skills, for example).

vi. Reward good performance, and take corrective action as necessary for unacceptable performance.

vii. Recommend new jobs and promotions for staff as staff development warrants.


a) Develop and implement branch plans to meet branch and bank objectives.

b) Ensure good product knowledge among staff, of all bank products and services to enhance customer relationships.

c) Monitor branch results and initiate corrective action as necessary

d) Use a variety of information resources and systems to identify opportunities and solicit sales.

e) Actively participate in and promote all bank campaigns for specific products and services.

f) Identify and refer qualified prospective customers to other department representatives as appropriate and maintain communication with those representatives.

g) Take a leadership role in community events and civic programs where warranted for effective business development and to promote the bank’s image.


a) Use standard financial reporting tools to monitor branch performance to budget.

b) In addition to sales and marketing responsibilities, above, affect pricing to maximize

revenue, as possible.

c) Ensure good expense control.

d) Plan capital expenditure needs.


a) Ensure staff have adequate knowledge to limit operating risk to an acceptable level regarding risk of monetary loss, credit risk, and safety of staff and premises.

b) The branch staff is to have good knowledge of banking regulations sufficient to comply with all regulations relevant to branch operations.

c) Customer information is to be protected and secure.

d) All staff are to complete required training as scheduled.

e) Operational audits, credit exams (as applicable), operational certifications, and regulatory compliance audits are all to be satisfactory.


Some branch managers may personally sell bank products and services to customers, with a resulting personal portfolio of clients. Common examples are branch managers who also manage a portfolio of commercial loans, private banking loans, consumer loans, cash management services, or investments. Regarding such instances:

a) The branch manager is responsible for the activities directly associated with those positions (in which case, those job descriptions apply as an addendum to this job description).

b) Portfolio responsibilities are secondary to staff management responsibilities.

c) In some offices, volume of business and opportunities can grow necessitating increased delegation of portfolio responsibilities to others, with such activities providing opportunities by which the manager can attract and develop staff.


a) Serve as a role model by demonstrating professionalism in all aspects of communication, problem resolution, and organization.

b) Create an atmosphere of trust, on which teamwork is based. Central is ensuring direct, open, and honest communication among employees as particularly important during times of problem resolution between employees.

b) Demonstrate and reinforce good business development and customer service.

c) Demonstrate good risk management practices.

d) Actively support an atmosphere of teamwork and enthusiasm.

e) Maintain open lines of communication. Coach staff by sharing knowledge and experience with all team members and provide feedback, guidance and assistance with their development.


Exercise judgment in the application and interpretation of bank policies and procedures to achieve customer service goals, minimize operational losses and meet all regulatory requirements.



All employees are accountable for compliance with all laws, regulations and adherence to established internal controls and procedures when performing their job duties. Each employee is expected to be familiar with the legal and regulatory requirements and internal controls affecting his or her job responsibilities. It is the affirmative duty of each employee to carry out these responsibilities at all times in a manner that complies with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and internal controls. All employees shall be responsible for communicating upward, problems in operations, noncompliance with the code of conduct, or other policy violations or illegal actions. Employees must participate in required training on pertinent compliance laws and regulations as required by the Bank of the Pacific.

All employees will be committed to maintaining a high level of compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti Money Laundering, USA PATRIOT Act and Financial Recordkeeping regulations recognizing that all three acts are important tools in federal efforts to combat organized crime, terrorism and drug trafficking.


Education / Experience:

a) High School diploma or equivalent

b) Three to Five years on the job

c) Service-Plus Certified

d) Understanding of the bank policies and procedures


Skills / Knowledge / Abilities:

· Able to use Decision Pro

· Able to understand how to perfect interest in commercial collateral i.e. DOT, UCCS

· Able to determine value for commercial collateral

· Able to calculate commercial type ratios

· Able to mentor and evaluate staff

· Be knowledgeable about present products

· Able to determine which prospective customers would be profitable to our bank.

· Have the confidence to make customer calls to the prospective and existing clients


Working Conditions / Environment / Potential Hazards:

· General office environment

· May be necessary to work extended hours


Physical Requirements:

· Able to sit or stand for an extended period of time

· Able to lift up to 25 lbs.

· Able to work in cool temperatures



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