Operations Manager

Department:       Retail Banking

Reports to:         Branch Manager


FLSA Status: Exempt

Grade: The grade of the position for each branch is determined by branch size and employee skills/experience. Contact the Human Resources Director


Statement of Hire:

At the Bank of the Pacific, we are committed to delivering memorable service beyond the customer’s expectation, to include both external and internal customers. We consistently demonstrate our values through teamwork, open communication, integrity, honesty and respect for others. Additionally, we will maintain a professional appearance through dress, conduct and an orderly work area. A successful candidate will possess these qualities and be enthusiastic, professional and of high ethics. They will embrace our Mission, Vision and Values and actively contribute to our success.


Job summary:

Provide the highest quality of customer service. Directly contribute to the profitability of the branch through supervision (coaching and mentoring) of staff, oversee branch operations, compliance, security, daily work flow, monitory customer service and participate in outreach activities, Assume full responsibility of the branch in the absence of the manager.

Develop and maintain branch operational practices in accordance with policy and procedure, oversee compliance, security


Principal Responsibilities:

1) Customer Service

a. Provide the highest quality of customer service in accordance to the Bank of the Pacific’s Service Plus Culture.

b. Serve as a role model of professionalism, including personal conduct, customer service efforts and personal appearance.

c. Perpetuate the Service Plus Culture by ensuring “Service Plus” standards are communicated to the staff on an ongoing basis, and implemented in all customer dealings.

d. Generate a professional atmosphere in the branch by monitory branch housekeeping. Encourage creative ideas for the orderly display of promotional materials.

e. Coordinate, schedule and implement work flow (day to day activities) to provide optimal customer service.

f. Promote the Bank’s Brand Awareness Program

g. Back up positions (teller, new accounts, and/or loan officer) as necessary

2) Supervision and Management

a. Assume full responsibility for the branch in the absence of the manager.

b. Responsible for hiring, training, coaching, evaluating and making salary recommendations for employees under supervision.

c. When performance standards are not met, take progressive corrective action in accordance with bank policy as outlined in the Personnel Manual.

d. Assist the Branch manager in the supervision of day to day operations. Review reports as required, including NSF, Overdraft and Kiting reports.

e. Coordinate the operational activities of the branch

i. Approve and sign Bank documents and forms as authorized, including overdrafts, wire transfers and cashier’s checks within established limits.

ii. Coordinate the schedule to maintain coverage for all vacations, illnesses, medical leaves, training, compensating days and other staff absences.

f. Assists branch staff with operational problems and handling of exceptions and adjustments

g. Research operational problems and make decisions based upon information obtained; resolve situation in a timely manner.

h. Lead, develop and motivate employees

i. Coach staff for successful implementation of outreach activities.

j. Adhere to branch budget according to established profit plan goals. Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of branch policies, procedures, practices and staff composition to create maximum income while minimizing expenses.

k. Model Service Plus Culture and Brand awareness Program

l. Represent the Bank at community and civic events.

3) Compliance and Internal Certification

a. Develop and maintain branch operational practices in accordance with The Bank’s Policy and Procedure.

b. Ensure completion of certifications, reconciliations, certifications in approved standards.

c. Maintain branch operations at a “good” or better rating

d. Comply with all regulatory requirements including those of the Bank Secrecy/Anti Money Laundering Act, Customer Identification Program, Customer Information Security and Privacy, Regulation D, Regulation CC, Regulation DD and other applicable regulations.

e. Ensure required compliance training is completed by branch staff.

4) Security

a. Ensure branch opening and closing is in accordance with established procedures

b. Follow branch security procedures at all times

c. Maintain composure and remain calm in the event of robber, kidnap, extortion or bomb threat so as not to endanger human life.

d. In the absence of the manager, be able to accompany local law enforcement into the branch in case of an emergency after business hours.

e. Coach appropriate behavior if observation of failure to comply with security policy/procedure is observed in staff members

f. Ensure Bank assets are protected appropriately

g. Security policy and Security manual knowledge

5) Outreach (Sales and Referrals)

a. Answer product and service questions.

b. Recognize opportunities and make recommendations which allow the customer to take full advantage of the Bank’s products and services.

c. Work with the branch manager to develop a strong needs based sales culture.

d. Coach staff to ensure successful outreach activities.

e. Follow up on telephone sale opportunities with written correspondence where applicable.

f. Participate in and conduct training programs on Bank products and services to ensure staff knowledge and ability to provide bank products and services based on customer need.

g. Participates in outreach activities for generating new business

h. Maintain familiarity with functions of various Bank departments in order to answer questions and resolve problems more effectively



All employees are accountable for compliance with all laws, regulations and adherence to established internal controls and procedures when performing their job duties. Each employee is expected to be familiar with the legal and regulatory requirements and internal controls affecting his or her job responsibilities. It is the affirmative duty of each employee to carry out these responsibilities at all times in a manner that complies with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and internal controls. All employees shall be responsible for communicating upward, problems in operations, noncompliance with the code of conduct, or other policy violations or illegal actions. Employees must participate in required training on pertinent compliance laws and regulations as required by the Bank of the Pacific.

All employees will be committed to maintaining a high level of compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti Money Laundering, USA PATRIOT Act and Financial Recordkeeping regulations recognizing that all three acts are important tools in federal efforts to combat organized crime, terrorism and drug trafficking.


Education / Experience:

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • One year on the job
  • Service-Plus Certified
  • Understanding of the bank policies and procedures
  • Completion of required supervisory and operations curriculum or equivalent
  • May have loan experience


Skills / Knowledge / Abilities:

  • Above average organizational skills.
  • Proven ability to create priorities and to follow through on projects.
  • Demonstrated ability to coach, train and delegate effectively
  • Thorough knowledge of Bank policies and procedures
  • Excellent customer and employee relations skills.
  • Effective oral, written and interpersonal communications skills
  • Strong probing and listening skills to uncover customer needs


Working Conditions / Environment / Potential Hazards:

· General office environment

· May be necessary to work extended hours

· Periodic Travel required


Physical Requirements: (Truly necessary to perform the job)

· Able to sit or stand for an extended period of time

· Able to lift up to 25 lbs.

· Able to work in cool temperatures



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