Watch Out For Malicious Olympic Websites and Apps

Here are a few tactics, techniques and recommendations on how to spot and avoid fraudulent Olympic websites and apps, so you can safely enjoy the Games!

Malicious Olympic Websites and Apps

Cybercriminals commonly create convincing but fraudulent websites as a means to distribute malware or gather information about you. This year there will also likely be many suspicious and, possibly, malicious Olympic-themed mobile apps intended to compromise your smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re looking to find out the current medal count, who won the bobsled race, see an amazing figure skating routine, or find out what curling is, these malicious websites and apps will be there for you.

You can start protecting yourself by being careful what websites you visit and emails you open. As with any high-profile event, it’s always safest to get your news from websites you already know and trust. When you get that email with the link to the video you just have to see or the fascinating story of the amazing win, remember to Hover to Discover. This means to hover your mouse over the link and see where the link is really sending you. If you don’t recognize the website, don’t click on the link. Instead, go to the official Olympics website or another online website that you trust and look for the video or news there.

You can also like/friend/follow the official Olympics accounts on your favorite social media platforms (GooglePlus, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook) and get the news directly from the source, instead of waiting for potentially suspicious links to appear later. As the Games get closer, many social media apps will also likely role out news feeds and other special features, related to the Games. Keep an eye out for those so you can safely stay in the know!

Of course, there’s also an official Olympic app for your smart device! The Olympics website says the app will contain real-time updates and news, as well as images, videos, and the medal count. The app is available in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Since there are a-lot of other Olympic apps, some of which are malicious, make sure you’re careful to download the right one! You can check the app against the app images on the website.