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There is still time left this summer to finish those home improvement projects!
A little extra money could go a long way towards upgrading or expanding your living area, adding needed storage space or improving the accessibility and general safety of your home.  Consider a Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan to help you get the job done!


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3 Credit Score Myths You Should Stop Believing

You probably know that your credit score could affect your life in many ways — from the apartment you rent to the interest rate on your car loan.

But there are a few credit score myths that you — or your friends or family — may not know aren’t true. For example, marrying someone with bad credit won’t bring your own score down.

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What To Know About Home Equity Loans

If you’re a homeowner, you have a powerful tool in your financial arsenal: the home equity loan.

Home equity loans allow some consumers to borrow a large amount of money relatively easily and cheaply. But they aren’t right for all situations. Here’s a bit more about how they work and when they’re a good option.

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